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        In the Rhone Valley, travelers arrive in Isère to visit the Vercois Park. For many, a weekend in Isère means hiking, skiing or snowboarding. Les Deux-Alpes is home to many of these outdoor activities. In fact, Les Deux-Alpes hosts the Mondial du Snowboarding annually. Here, you can see the best in the world compete. In summer, they still come to Les Deux-Alpes and practice on the glacier. Isère is about skiing at Grenoble, the site of the 1968 Winter Olympics. You can also visit the resort, LAlpes dHuez near Le Bourg dOisans for skiing. For those who prefer to hike, the region does offer trails from Le Bourg dOisans into the Romanche Valley and other valleys in the region. For those more interested in history, you can visit the Museum Dauphin, the Museum of lAncien Evêche and the Museum of the Resistance in Grnoble of the Museum of Minerals in Le Bourg dOisans.