Hotels in Saint Hugon Forest

      Saint Hugon Forest Details

      There are many attractions in Allevard that are sure to draw in its share of tourists. These visitors will contribute to the revenues for the town's tourism industry. While there are museums and monuments, there are also offerings of nature like the Saint Hugon Forest.As this magnificently beautiful forest surrounds the town, it is considered to be one of the key attractions in Allevard that many visitors like to see. It is a dense woodland that reaches the side of the mountains and offers quite a spectacular sight if you are at the town center. There are a number of walking tracks that run through the Saint Hugon Forest and going through them is one of the best ways to experience the splendor of the area. The forest is also comprised with rare plants and wildlife that could not be found in quite a number of other parts of the country.

      Address: Allevard 38580, France