Hotels in Grenoble

          Grenoble Details

          Located right in the center of the country, Grenoble represents Frances technological advancement. On the other hand it still continues to be one of the premier spot for a holiday weekend. Grenoble has number of museums and mountains covered with snow during the winter seasons. Hotels in Grenoble can refer you to Fort de la Bastille where you can see the beautiful Alps. Grenoble hotels can offer much more than you think and most of the Grenoble cheap hotels can be booked via the artistic side, you can look for discount hotels Grenoble has to offer that are close to the following museums: Musee de Grenoble, Musee de la Resistance and Musee d'Histoire Naturell. The first is the collection of famous artists like Matisse, Chargall and Picasso. Second speaks of the transportation of Jews by the Nazis from Grenoble and finally the last museum speaks of the different flora and fauna in the area. There are also museums created for specific persons and things like the Musee Stendhal dedicated to the Grenobles great novelist, Stendhal and Musee Dauphinois a museum dedicated to al the things you can do with Dauphinois a kind of potato side dish.