Hotels in Cimetiere de Terre-Cabade

      Cimetiere de Terre-Cabade Details

      There are really people who consider cemeteries as worthwhile places to go to during their visit of a country. This, especially if there are famous people buried in these cemeteries. One of these is the Cimetiere de Terre-Cabade, which is considered to be one of the best Toulouse attractions.Located high above the town, many people see this vast necropolis as akin to a city within a city. The richly decorated tombs here are surrounded with magnolia and cypress trees. This spectacular site also offers the visitors a great view of the city found below. The Virebents, an important family of sculptors and architects who are locals of Toulouse, are buried here, among other famous residents of the city. The Terre-Salonique, which is the second part of the cemetery, was mainly reserved for the graves of the military. Here you will find a WWI memorial and a monument meant to commemorate French colonial soldiers.

      Address: 1 Avenue du cimetière, 31500 Toulouse, France