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      Museums are quite aplenty in France. As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it can be expected that the museums of the country are among the best that can be found, and they are definitely worth anyone's time. One of these museums is the Museum of Grenoble, which is also sometimes known as the Museum of Fine Arts. This museum is one of Grenoble's attractions that draw in quite a lot of visitors.As one of the most highly regarded museums that can be found in the region, the Museum of Grenoble has a splendid collection of artworks that were made by a large number of well known European painters from the 15th century up to the 20th century. Some of the sculptors and painters of the artworks contained in the museum include Rubens, Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Sisley. Open everyday throughout the week to the public, the museum's extensive collection is a real crowd-drawer, and it has certainly made art one of the major attractions in Grenoble.

      Address: 5 Place de Lavalette, 38000 Grenoble, France

      Phone: +33 4 76 63 44 44

      Open hours: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm