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    This commune in France is historically known as an important city for the Roman Catholic Church especially during the 14th century. Vienne was the location of the Council of Vienne, an important even in the church. This is where they officially abolished the Knights Templar. If you visit here for the weekend, Vienne somehow preserved the beauty of some of the churches that tells of its glorious past. Among them is the Saint-Maurice Cathedral. Even though its partially in ruins, the gothic architecture is still impressive as it was constructed as early as the 11th century. Theres also the Church of St Peter. This church is a Romanesque basilica that was built during the 9th century. But even way before that, theres the Roman Temple that you should visit as well. Youll find lots of interesting hotels in Vienne. The Vienne hotels will surely accommodate you well. If you like a good deal, check out the discount hotels Vienne offers. When you book in one of the Vienne cheap hotels, be sure to ask for a guided tour to know more about the city. In, youll be able to look for the perfect hotel for your accommodation.