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Dole is known in France as the birthplace of the famed scientist and chemist, Louis Pasteur. The house where he is born is preserved until today, now known as the Musée Pasteur. If you visit here for the weekend, Dole preserves in this museum the different captivating artifacts of the scientist. You will also see the different museums that speak of the old ways of the town which is metal forging. Museum of ironworks displays some tools used and some of the created metals used in the Eiffel tower. There are also structures worth visiting in Dole. The 16th century Notre-Dame Collegiate Church is a gothic church which you must see. The Castle of Salans is a privately owned castle built during the 17th century. Hikers will also love this place as they can climb the Mont-Roland that offers a great view of the village at the peak.Strategically placed around Dole, cheap hotels are located in various areas. Most of the Dole hotels offer a tour around the attractions. While you may choose to stay in discount hotels, Dole is still a beautiful place as most of these hotels in Dole have magnificent views of the famous structures. To make sure you have the best rates, book your travel plans via the best travel website,