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A trip to Poligny in the Jura region of France is one that even a seasoned traveler will long remember. The view is exquisite, as limestone cliffs and a beautiful valley surround you. Hikers will appreciate the group of hiking trails that surround Poligny. The GR 59, also known as the Grande Randonnee long distance footpath, is a walking trail for pedestrians. This footpath goes right through Poligny. Other sights to see include the Tower of Paravis, the Convent of the Ursulines, and the statues of General Travot and Wladimir Gagneur. Discount hotels in Jura will ensure that your stay in France is a pleasant one.You will want to take note of the cave that is nestled in the cliffs that surround Poligny. It is called Le Trou de la Lune, or the Moonhole. There is also a large and beautiful cross on these cliffs known as the Croix du Dan. Both of these attractions can be reached via the hiking trails described above. Poligny is the location of Chateau-Chalon, the vineyards that produce Vin Jaune and the local restaurants take advantage of this. Comte cheese is also native to Poligny. Cheap hotels in Jura are close to many places of interest that you will want to explore while visiting this area.