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The little town of Rochefort-sur-Nenon is located in the Jura region of the Franche-Comte district of France. There are many attractions and venues in and around Rochefort-sur-Nenon that you will want to make sure to visit. The Royal Solivar, former salt mines in Arc-et-Senans, the Doubs Pools with their magnificent limestone cliffs, and the underground military fortress of Pre-Giroud. A little to the southwest of Rochefort-sur-Nenon, you will find the Vallorbe Cave. The underground area here will delight you and leave you in awe of its natural beauty.You will also enjoy touring the many castles located in the Rochefort-sur-Nenon area. The Castle Monts, Castle Yverdon, and Morges Castle are but a few of these. Restaurants in Rochefort-sur-Nenon generally feature both French and Swiss cuisine. Hotels in and around Rochefort-sur-Nenon are comfortable and efficient. If you would prefer to book a budget Rochefort-sur-Nenon hotel, the listings at can help you to find a Rochefort-sur-Nenon hotel room that will be everything you could want.