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The little French town of Saubusse, located in the region of Landes, is the only town you will find between the thermal spa town of Dax and the busy urban area of Bayonne. With its quiet and peaceful rural setting, Saubusse is a lovely destination for a vacation. Its close proximity to the attractions and venues in Dax and Bayonne make it a smart choice for those who wish to find lodging in this general area. Sanbusse also has its own thermal spas, and welcomes the people who come flocking to these spas, in search of various cures. There are two golf courses in Saubusse, so if golf is your game, you will be all set.The Jardin botanique de Bayonne is a wonderful botanical garden that no visitor to the area will want to miss. It looks out over the city’s War Memorial, and has more than 1000 varieties of plants that are arranged in groups to better keep them in order to be properly admired by visitors. Here, you can see and enjoy Japanese maple trees, bamboo, Japanese bridges and fountains, a waterfall and a pond. Restaurants in Saubusse cater to their patrons, providing extensive menus that list all manner of French cuisine as well as some international fare. Hotels in Saubusse are usually booked to capacity quickly. It’s a good idea to make your Saubusse hotel reservation as soon as you can before you leave on your trip, for if you wait until you arrive in France, you are likely to be disappointed. If a discount Saubusse hotel sounds good to you and your wallet, then check the listings at to find a great price.