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There are so many fascinating and exciting houses that can be found in France that trying to discover all of them will take a lifetime. Ranging from the ones coming from thousands of years ago to the more modern ones that still depict great architecture, these houses can be rightfully be included among the attractions in the country. One of these houses is the Maison des Acrobates, which is undoubtedly one of the attractions in Blois.A beautiful structure that can be located just across the road from the old town's cathedral, the Maison des Acrobates or the House of the Acrobats is called such because of its decors. The timbers of the house are bedecked with pictures of characters that were taken from the farces of the medieval period. These decorative pictures alone have made the house among the attractions in Blois that many visitors frequent. However, this is also compounded by the fact that it is one of the handful of properties of its age that survived the extensive bombing during World War II that are in the city.