Hotels in Chambord

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Chambord Details

Chambord is part of the Loir-et-Cher where it forms part of the series of communes connected by a river. This place is small but it will satisfy more than what you desire for the weekend. Chambord is the location of the famous Château de Chambord, built during the 14th century and used to be the hunting lodge of François I and Louis XIV. What used to be the hunting ground is now part of the Réserve Nationale de Chambord covering 1000 hectares where animals roam free on this reserve. You can know more about the forest when you visit the Museum inside the Castle. Hunting items and other collections such as furniture and tapestries are on display. A 17th century church is also worth a stopover. Some of the hotels in Chambord are situated near the castle so that youll have a view of the majestic castle even from afar. Travel packages that are offered with Chambord hotels most of the time include a guided tour around the castle and other tourist sites in Chambord. Cheap hotels and packages can be found in If you wish to travel in style, you may try the luxury discount hotels. Chambord will surely enchant you with an ambiance of royalty.