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Cheverny is a small town in the Loir et Cher region of central France. This town is most noted for being home to the Chateau de Cheverny. This is the one of the oldest and most beautifully decorated castles in all of the Loire Valley. The Chateau’s exterior has not been altered since it was built in the 17th century. There are also several other buildings on the property, but it is not known whether these buildings are original to the castle or added later, as no original plans or early drawings of the property still exist. The grounds are beautiful and are home to dogs and beautiful gardens.There are several beautiful hotels in Cheverny, some whose architecture is inspired by the local castle. can help you find the castle inspired Cheverny hotels as well as smaller guesthouses. While you’re visiting this region of France, you’ll certainly want to visit other castles of the Loire Valley, as they are some of the most famous and beautiful in the world.