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Chitenay lies in the Loir et Cher province which forms the heart of France. It was known as Castanetum in 1144 and was also the former diocese of Chartres. Chitenay lies on a flat terrain of silver birches, oaks, pine, chestnut and beech trees. It is also a well known wildlife reserve. Surrounding Chitenay are the vineyards of Cheverny, Cour-Cheverny and Touraine where wines such as the red, white, rose, sweet and champagne are produced. As for hotels in the area, can help you solve this problem and we also offer some really cheap hotels.Castle and Common, Castle Malabry and the 11th Century Eglise Notre-Dame which was rebuilt in the 16th Century and again restored in the 18th Century are some of the places that you can visit. Besides, there are other things that can also be explored such as the woods, the old pond and the pond de la Roche. You can also visit some of the vineyards in the area or better still you can choose a hotel that overlooks this beautiful landscape.