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    Troo is a partly troglodytic village in central France, about 150 miles from Paris, which is well known for the impressive Saint Martin’s Church. It is a slightly unusual village, mainly because of the caves which were dug into the hillside near the River Loire by Troglodytes. If you stay in a hotel in Troo, you will have the opportunity of exploring the caves, about 20 of which are still occupied.Many people stay in hotels in Troo, and can help you to arrange your own hotel stay in this fascinating village. It is one of the most beautiful troglodyte villages in France, and has been built into the rock on a hillside. You can walk up the narrow staircases through the tiny streets and marvel at the views across the valley from the top. There is even the ruin of a castle on the top of the hill, providing you with a real sense of the history of the village.