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Sitting in the Loire Valley is the town of Vendôme. In most weekends, Vendôme is often toured by people who want to see the best of Loire. The tourists are never disappointed as they visit the magnificent Abbey-church of the Trinity that was known to have existed since the 11th century. Youll find the towers and the general Gothic architecture of this church to be impressive. Although its not as beautiful as the Abbey since its in ruins, the Castle of the Counts of Vendôme can still be seen and with enough imagination and the stories of a guide, youll see why its very important. Near these structures is also the 16th century Tower of St. Martin a witness to whats left of the church. When youre there, try to stay for a day or two. There are various discount hotels Vendôme provides which will accommodate you for your stay. These Vendôme hotels also have their own tour guides if you still need assistance. Be sure to get Vendôme cheap hotels near the library as this place will tell you more than you need to know about this place. From some hotels in Vendôme, you can see the Archeological Museum from your window. Go to to have the latest information of the places to visit and the hotels you want to stay.