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Situated southwest of Paris, Ancenis is a town with many places of interest. From churches to bridges, you will never run out of places to visit during the weekend. Ancenis is home to many buildings of great historical significance, including the splendid 15th century church of Eglise St-Pierre and the Chapelle des Ursulines. The Vestiges de Duits du haut Moyen Age, which is a 10th century dolmen, is also an interesting place to visit because it is a special dolmen that can only be seen at low tide. You can also take a stroll in the beautiful garden of Jardin de l'Eperon or along the scenic Loire River.There are many travel packages in the travel web site that offer discount hotels. Ancenis has a good selection of hotels to accommodate different budgets, and you can easily find Ancenis cheap hotels right in the middle of the town. Hotels in Ancenis also offer guided tours to various places of interest. You can count on Ancenis hotels to take care of all your travel needs.