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Just 5,000 people live in the town of Héric , found in the Loire-Atlantique department of France, located in the northwestern region of the country. The area is rural and agricultural, with dense woodlands surrounding the town as well. The town has benefitted a great deal from its location close to the Nantes Channel in Brest, which made it much easier and cheaper to transport agricultural products in and out of the town. Today, you’ll certainly enjoy the greenery and natural beauty of Heric when you stay at an hotel in the town. In fact, a number of scenic routes have been mapped out for tourists to enjoy the scenery along the canal or in the forest.The city of Nantes is just about 25 kilometers from Heric, and is a stopping point on the itinerary of most tourists to the region. Along with the city’s monuments, you can also enjoy a fine art museum and a planetarium. The city also celebrates Carnival with over 150,000 people attending each year. Also visit the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, about 22 kilometers from the city centre.