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France has always been known to have produced the best artists that the world has ever known. Because of this, it can be expected that the museums and galleries in the country are brimming with the artworks of these estimable geniuses in the art scene. In line with this, the lesser known arts in the country take a back seat. However, there are certain galleries that make an effort to showcase these less known arts and one of these is the Creat Gallery, which is one of La Baule's attractions.This beautiful little gallery is primarily focused on glass and ceramics. These are often an aspect of fine arts that is rarely given a chance to be in the limelight. As among La Baule's attractions, the works that are featured in the Creat Gallery were made by artists from overseas. They were brought and showcased in the gallery so that the French people and the many visitors to the gallery can be shown how ceramics and glass making is changing worldwide.