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        Also known as Sant-Nazer in Brittany, Saint-Nazaire is a lovely town to be found in the Loire-Atlantique département of France. A major harbour of France, Saint-Nazaire is located near the Atlantic Ocean. So if you like fishing and boat riding, this place is perfect for you. In fact its just at the south of La Brière which is the second major swamp in the country. For an exciting weekend, Saint-Nazaire promises a vacation packed with water activities. In fact one of the world leaders of cruise ship manufacturers, Chantiers de l'Atlantique, is based will help you find Saint-Nazaire hotels conveniently located near the popular sites like Ecomusée, Submarine Espadon, Jardin des Plantes, and the other twenty beaches Saint-Nazaire is known for. There are a lot of hotels in Saint-Nazaire that offer packages and tours to maximize your stay in town. If you are on a tight budget, dont worry because there are a lot of discount hotels Saint-Nazaire makes available. A lot of cheap Saint-Nazaire hotels are near the Côte d'Amour - Côte Bleue, and the Salt Marshes among others.