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The name Montbrison is synonymous with the cheese Fourme de Montbrison, famous in the region after having been made there for centuries. An ancient and historic town, the first reference to it was made in 879 AD, and it played a crucial role in French history as during the Hundred Years War it was fortified against English attacks. If staying in a hotel in Montbrison, you will no doubt get an opportunity to explore all of the history that the town offers. It also overlooks the Vizezy river, and is located near to the Monts de Forez mountain range, a perfect area for can help you to choose the perfect hotel in Montbrison, from which you will have a range of activities to choose from. One such trip can be made to the Convent of the Visitation, which was founded in 1643, and provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the history of the region. This could be combined with the Augustinian Convent, founded a decade later. As it is located just 36 km from Saint Etienne, when staying in a hotel in Montbrison you also have the opportunity to make trips here to enjoy all of the other things that it has to offer.