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      Located in the central part of northern France, Beaugency is beautiful town with 7,000 inhabitants. This town is known as the place where the Battle of Beaugency took place, and it was Joan of Arc who freed the town from British rule. Some of the strategic structures that turned the tides of the war still exist today, such as the 14th century Bridge of Beaugency which runs across the Loire River. This and other attractions make Beaugency an ideal destination for cultural trips during the weekend. Beaugency is home to a splendid 12th century Romanesque church called the Abbey of Notre Dame, and other historic structures such as the massive 15th century castle of Château Dunois and the 17th century L'Hôtel de Ville which is now the town hall. La Maison des Templiers and Le Clocher Porche de Saint Firmin are also very popular attractions among tourists.Beaugency hotels are mostly located close to the places of interest. You can find Beaugency cheap hotels if you look around the town center. has all the information you need about hotels in Beaugency, some of which are discount hotels. Beaugency hotels also provide travel services such as guided tours and transportation around the town area