Hotels in Beaugency Bridge

Beaugency Bridge Details

There are many things to do and places to go in Beaugency that will surely delight any tourist. The museums, monuments, landmarks and other attractions in the city are all worthy to be discovered and explored. One of these is the Beaugency Bridge, which is one the best landmarks in Beaugency.This great bridge is one of the ways for anyone to cross the River Loire. Having been in place since the 17th century, the bridge is one of the landmarks in Beaugency that is most noticeable. The bridge was constructed to form a link between the major trade route that goes through the city from Grenoble to Avignon and Beaugency. There are many locals and tourists who frequent this bridge because it is one of the best places in the city where one can get the best views of the surrounding environment. As such, it can be said that the Beaugency Bridge is one of the places in the city that will make the days of any tourist or local for that matter.

Address: Rue du Pont, Beaugency 45190, France