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Briare is a small commune in France on the banks of the Loire. It's located at the end of the Briare Canal, which joins the Seine with the Loing and Loire. The Briar Aqueduct is a great site for tourists with its fourteen piles, which hole more than 13,000 tons of water. Eiffel, the builder of the Eiffel Tower, built it. Although Briar is a small commune, there are a few sites worth seeing and, of course, just being in France is exciting enough. Maison des Deux Marines is a place that pays tribute to the many boatmen that worked with the canals. Another interesting site is the Musée de la Mosaïque et des Emaux, which has a unique collection of contemporary and reproduction mosaics. Each of these mosaics was designed using the tiles that were manufactured locally. The Briare Tourist Office can help you find maps of towpaths, footpaths or give you details on canoe rentals and boats you may want to use for the day.