Hotels in Combreux

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Combreux Details

Combreux is a beautiful small town in central France. It is located just south of Paris, and is a perfect place to make your home base as you explore Paris and other parts of this region of France. Youll find staying in Combreux to be less expensive and quieter than Paris, but still with plenty of fine restaurants. Youll want to visit the Chateau de Fontainbleu, the largest of the French Royal chateaus, and its beautiful surrounding park. Be sure, as well, to take in the Chateau de Chambord, one of the best examples of French Renaissance architecture in the world.In this part of France, accommodations of every type abound. If you prefer traditional French accommodations, hotels in Combreux, France will be easy to find. However, there are plenty of more modern hotels in this area, too. Consider spending at least one night in Paris, so that you can enjoy the wonderful Paris nightlife.