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      Orléans is a town that is associated with Joan of Arc (the Maid of Orléans). This is the town that she liberated in 1435, the second largest town in Loire Valley, with a 210,000 population. It has many attractions to offer visitors. Among these are the Cathedral of Ste-Croix, a large Gothic cathedral with interiors of Byzantine fabrics and enamelwork; the Notre Dame de Recouvrance, which has a Renaissance sculpture. Other attractions include the Musée Historique et Archéologique de l'Orléanais, containing Gallo-Roman and medieval antiques; Musée des Beaux Arts, housing the works of Sérusier, Rouault, Mathieu and Dufy, among others.This town is the best place to stay for the weekend. Orléans is near Paris so visitors can stay in any hotels in Orleans and stay away from the bright lights and big sounds. Aside from the convenience of having home away from home, guests can take advantage of the discount hotels Orléans provide for great value at Orléans hotels cater to every guest’s ideas of comfort. Even Orléans cheap hotels which are within the budget provide convenience to all visitors particularly on months of May when Orléans celebrate ‘Festival Jeanne d' Arc’ with pageants and ceremonies.