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The River Lot and the fertile valley of Quercy are part of the region of Lot. If you wish to explore it completely, you will require more than a weekend. Lot includes the seven towers at Martel, the 10th century tower in Souillac and the fortified bridge at truffle-drenched Cahors. You can leave your hotel in Lot to explore the ancient priory on the Dordogne in Carrennac, admire the 17th century monastic building in Souilac and visit the Collegiate church in Prudhomat. In Souillac, attractions encompass the Romanesque reliefs and the 10th century tower of the Church of St. Mary. You can explore another Souillac sight - the citys Museum of Mechanized Toys and Dolls. At the Puy-dIssolud, there are the remains of a Celtic Fort. You can also visit the Renaissance Château de Montal and the Militaristic Château de Bonaguil.