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    Cahors is a medieval town which was once the capital of Quercy. This town of 21,000 inhabitants is known for its smooth black wines. Other than that, its rich history also attracts many tourists during the weekend. Cahors is home to many historically significant structures, including the ruins of the 7th century Arc de Diane from the Roman Empire and the splendid 14th century bridge of Pont Valentre. The 12th century Gothic church of Cathédrale Saint Etienne is also very popular among tourists, along with the art museum of Musée Henri Martin. If you are looking for outdoor adventures, Mont St-Cyr is the perfect place for hiking and camping.Cahors hotels can be found in different locations in town. Most of the hotels in Cahors offer excellent accommodation and travel services, and some of them are discount hotels. Cahors is best visited through guided tours, which can be arranged in the hotel where you plan to stay. There are many Cahors cheap hotels available, and you can find out about them at