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    Cahors' attractions are quite varied so you will find that the city will absolutely take much of your time during your visit to France. Aside from the ancient architectural wonders that seem to be plentiful in the city, you can also find such structures that are fitting to be termed as monuments because of the roles that they played in the history of Cahors. One of such structures is the Pont Valere.Undoubtedly, the bridge is one of the most magnificent examples of the fortified structures in the region that were constructed in the medieval era. The Pont Valere is also among the best bridges of its kind in France, thus also earning its title of being one of the Cahors' main attractions. The bridge has three towers that throws a beautiful reflection right into the River Lot of the city, especially during a clear summer's day. Built during the 14th century as part of the defense of the city, this is evidenced by the mechanisms on two of the three towers while the bridge also has six arches.

    Address: 46000 Cahors, France

    Phone: +33 5 65 53 20 65