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    Champollion Museum Details

    The Musee Champollion is one of the museums in France that many people are very interested to visit. As among the Figeac attractions that are really touted by the people, the museum is dedicated to a popular explorer and Egyptologist, Jean Francois Champollion.Champollion gained acclaim especially in the academic circles after he became the first individual to ever decode the hieroglyphics that could be found on the side of the tombs that contain the remains of Egyptian pharaohs. Because of this, it can be expected that the museum named after this great man would also get a lot of followers, especially those who are interested in what he did during his time. The museum can be found just off the square that has also been named after Champollion. Dedicated to the life and works of Champollion, the museum, being among the Figeac attractions that many people like to see, features a great deal of artifacts and personal items that belong to the man.

    Address: Place Champollion, 46100 Figeac, France

    Phone: +33 5 65 50 31 08