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Discount hotels in Grezes are situated near many of France's most interesting attractions in the Lot region. The Musee de Plein Air de Quency is the area's open air museum. This open air village focuses on farm life in the region and several farmhouses, barns, and other farm buildings are open for touring. The Maison de Roaldes is housed in Place Henry IV. This municipal museum is in a home that once belonged to King Henry IV during the siege of Cahors in the 16th century. Along with historical mementos, the museum has artifacts from the city of Grezes.Caving is a popular local sport and budget hotels in Grezes are near several famous caves. The LaCave Caves contain many different galleries and rooms, most of which have been named such as the Organ Room, the 3 Fates Room, the Chaos Room, and the Snow Corridor. Nearby are the St. Cere Caves discovered in 1825. These interesting structures were formed by an extinct river.