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When visiting Latronquiere in France, be sure to bring your hiking shoes! You’re going to need them to take in the many wonderful examples of natural beauty that populate this city, one of the most unique and delightful to be found anywhere in France. Here, you can climb the Rhone Alps, affording yourself a view of the entire Latronquiere valley, old villages, churches, rivers, and vineyards alike. You just can’t get more authentically old-world French than this.Book a discount hotel early at and you can enjoy Latronquiere in style without worrying about where to hang your hat. This means you’ll be able to hike in the Centla Pyrenees, one of France’s most legendary natural landmarks, and in particular the peaks of the Massif Central mountains. If heights aren’t quite your thing, for whatever reason, stay closer to the earth by taking a trip down the Rhone river to take in the many splendored sights that France has to offer.