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Meyronne Details

Meyronne is a city in Southwestern France that is located in the district of Lot. It is situated on the banks of the Dordogne River, and is an oasis of verdant green valleys and limestone cliffs. It is a quiet and peaceful place, perfect for a relaxing vacation. Activities in Meyronne are centered around the Dordogne. Here, you will find not one, but two swimming pools, a safe place to immerse yourself in the river if you should so desire, canoeing facilities, and picnic areas. You will want to go across the river to Saint Sozy during your stay in Meyronne. Here, you will find plenty of shopping, several bars, a post office, and some lovely restaurants.The Lot district is well known in France for its wonderful Cahor wines, goat’s cheese, and truffles. Local ducks and geese are also used for many French dishes. The restaurants in Meyronne certainly take advantage of these local treasures, and make good use of them in the delicious, traditional French cuisine that is served. Hotels in Meyronne show their guests a lot of French hospitality, and are eager to serve those who are visiting the area. If you have a travel budget, then you will want a hotel that offers discounted Meyronne hotel rooms. Let assist you in locating such a room in a way that will save you both time and money.