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          Angers is a large city with a population of 156,000 people. Located on the banks of the Maine and Loire rivers, this beautiful city has many interesting historical buildings such as churches and châteaus which provide for an excellent cultural visit during the weekend. Angers has several religious buildings of impressive history and architecture, including the 12th century Cathedral of St. Maurice, St. Serge and La Trinite Cathedral, along with the renowned Abbey of Saint Aubin. The most famous château in Angers is the 13th century Château d'Angers, which is a gigantic structure that houses the most extensive tapestry in the world. Other châteaus include the Château du Plessis-Bourre, Château de Brissac and Château de Serrant.You can find Angers hotels all over the city, some of which are quality discount hotels. Angers hotels are mostly located in the city center or close to the tourist attractions. If you need information about Angers cheap hotels, you will find a good list of them at the travel web site. Angers hotels provide the comfort and hospitality you need for a most complete holiday