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David d'Angers Gallery Details

There is not a city or town in France where you will not be able to find a gallery. This is mainly because the country is known for giving the world the best artists in the whole world. One of the galleries that you can find in the country is the David d'Angers Gallery, which is one of the attractions in Angers.Once an 11th century abbey, this charming gallery never fails to delight its visitors. The architecture of the structure itself is quite delightful considering that it is regarded as one of the best looking galleries in the region and among the attractions in Angers. It was in the late 1980's until the start of 1990's when this gallery came into fruition through the work done by architect Pierre Brunet. The gallery, which now houses sculptures created by locally born and educated artist David d'Angers also serves as a lasting testament to his work and his role as a great son of the town.

Address: 33 bis rue Toussaint, 49100 Angers, France