Hotels in La Jaille-Yvon

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La Jaille-Yvon Details

When it comes to small, quaint French villages, it would be hard to beat La Jaille-Yvon in the Maine et Loire department. Just 300 people live in this tiny hamlet that sits on a cliff 800 meters above the Mayenne River. You can reach the village on foot, though the paths are steep and may prove difficult for some travelers. Once you get to the village, you will appreciate the panoramic view and the incredibly beautiful old streets. Although you can find a budget la Jaille-Yvon hotel on, you might prefer looking in Daon or Chenille-Change if you cant fathom making that climb in and out of the village to do area sightseeing.The village itself has a 12th century church to see, and the area is very popular for all kinds of sports such as walking, boating, biking and horseback riding. Just 30 minutes away is Angers, the largest chateau in the Loire Valley. It has 17 looming towers, as well as an incredible, 106 meter long tapestry depicting the Apocalypse. Serrant is 40 minutes away, and boasts a library with more than 12,000 volumes, many of them ancient and priceless. Or, drive to Brissac to see the 7 story chateau. Its the tallest one in France and is just 55 minutes from la Jaille-Yvon.