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      Near the Loire River in France is where the town of Saumur can be found. This historical town is where a lot of battles had occurred like the Battle of France and Revolt in the Vendée. These historical events have led to tourist destinations like the tank museum and contributed to the creation of the Cadre Noir. Here is where you will find the National School of Horsemanship too. Saumur is known for hosting horse shows yearly. Some of the sites that you should visit once you’re in Saumur are the big and popular schools of École Nationale d'Équitation and the University of Saumur. There’s also a museum to check the city’s artifacts and history, the Musée des Blindés. Check out the La Mairie to check out the tours in the city too.If you are ready to go and want to plan ahead, there are a lot of hotels in Saumur that you can check out. With the help of, it’s easy to find Saumur hotels near the popular tourist destinations. Enjoy a weekend Saumur has to offer with cheap Saumur hotels. These discount hotels Saumur provides enables you to have more savings for shopping of gifts and souvenirs like the world class Saumur wines.