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The commune of Maine et Loire is known for its carefully preserved cultural heritage. Here, youll be able to get a glimpse not only of contemporary rural French life, but also a look at what life was like hundreds of years ago, during the various epochs of French history. Should you find yourself staying in a budget hotel in Vivy, France, youll be just a short walk away from magnificent sights such as the Musee du Genmail, or the Chateau dAngers.Vivy represents a great opportunity to expand your awareness of French history and see some extravagantly preserved classical architecture at the same time. A typical tour of the city, facilitated by a stay in a discount hotel in Vivy, France, might well include a visit to Chonon Castle, or the famous Chateau de Villandry, preserved since the Renaissance as a bastion of culture and opulence. Nowhere else in the country is the French character revealed so thoroughly, and so compellingly.