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Manche is a region of Norman cattle and castles. You can go visit the resort of Bainville-Carteret with its sandy beaches and the hilltop fort of Cherbourg. Céaux has some pretty cottages. You can stay in this village and use it as a base. From here, you can easily go to Barfleur, one of the most beautiful villages in France. In Manche, the major landing operation took place at Utah Beach. You can visit the Airborn Museum in St. Mère Church at Cotentin commemorating their participation. If you have a weekend, consider the church at Céux or the botanical gardens in the park at Cherbourg. Cherbourg is also home to a Museum of Natural history and the Fort du Roule with its museum of the Liberation. You can also make the trek to Mont St. Michel. Atop a perilous edge you will find the Abbaye du Mont St.Michel.