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At the northwestern edge of the Normandy region of France, the town of Bricquebec is found in the Manche department. Inhabitants of the area are called Bricquebetais, many of whom may be descended from the Viking invaders whose Scandinavian root word for ‘a course of water’ gave the town its name. The Vikings had settled the area by the 10th century, and it is believed that the Norman invader, Anslech, started the town chateau. Later, the Dukes of Normandy counted Bricquebec as one of their strongholds.The Chateau de Bricquebec dates from the 12th century. It has unusual polygon shaped ramparts and towers, though of course they are not entirely intact any longer. The Chateau des Galleries was built between the 16th and 17th centuries, and the Chateau Saint-Blaise between the 17th and 19th. Also visit the Abbey of Notre Dame de Grace, dating from the 19th century. Even if your budget hotel in Bricquebec includes breakfast, consider skipping it to buy your breakfast fresh from the market held every Monday morning.