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    This medium sized town by the sea is known to be part of D-Day history. To commemorate this, Cherbourg has museums and libraries that tell of this event and the history of a town which will add new colors to your weekend. Cherbourg has museums such as Musée de la Libération, Airborn Troups Museum, Musée Thomas Henry, Museum Liais and a library that stores all literature related to Cherbourg, Service Historique. The town is located in a marina, Cité de la Mer, giving rise to an aquarium that features an array of vast marine life. For golf lovers, Golf de Cherbourg la Glacerie has a complete 18 holes to keep you and your buddies swinging and has cheap Cherbourg hotels on their list and you can book them with all the tours available. Discount hotels Cherbourg can get fully booked especially during July and August when the Cycle Rally and the Horse Riding World Cup happens respectively. Hotels in Cherbourg can be very accommodating especially with the tip top service to spoil you. Cherbourg hotels are also famous for their quaint architecture and excellent cuisine.