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Ducey Details

Ducey, is a small and attractive city situated southeast of Avranches in Bretagne, France. The population of the area is about 6827. This is a town of natural beauty and peace so you can enjoy a tranquil weekend. Ducey is just 15 km away from the world famous Mont St-Michel, the Gothic abbey on top of an islet which is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Built in the Middle Ages, it was a major pilgrim center. Ducey is close to the Normandy beach where the World War II landing occurred. A number of memorials were erected to commemorate the event. On top of the hills close to Ducey is the Montgommery's castle, built in the 11th century. Ducey provides the best hotels for all classes of people. The hotels in Ducey are a part of the landscape since they are surrounded by beautiful and charming buildings. Ducey hotels are also famous for having job-oriented courses while discount hotels Ducey provide good offers together with many entertaining packages. Ducey cheap hotels are the best option for those budget conscious travelers. To collect more information about Ducey or the hotels in and around Ducey just log on to