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Another interesting city in Normandy, France, is the city of Saint-Lô. For a melancholic weekend, Saint-Lô will cause you to reminisce of the past especially of what has happened in the World War II. Here you will find a lot of memorial sites that led to it being called the Capital of the Ruins. The gate of the old prison is one to behold. Here is where prisoners of war were killed, leaving only the gate to whisper the cruelty of those times. You will also notice how the city trees are all of the same height. The reason for this is because they were all planted at the same time for the purpose of replacing the damaged remains of the battle. Nevertheless, there are other attractions to behold in Saint-Lô. can show you the many hotels in Saint-Lô as well as the tourist destinations in the city. A lot of Saint-Lô hotels are closely located to Roman Churches like the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame and L'église abbatiale Sainte-Croix. Check out the museums of Musée des Beaux-Arts, and Musée du Bocage normand. Theres also a stud farm at the Haras National and a lighthouse-like 1950s construction by the citys main square. There are a lot of discount hotels Saint-Lô makes available to you. Dont be afraid to try cheap Saint-Lô hotels to help you stretch your budget for they are some of the best kept secrets in town.