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In the Manche département is where you will find the small town of Sainte-Mère-glise. It is located near Normandys coast. This town has become popular because of its contribution in the history of World War II. It was one of the towns that were first liberated from the invasion attacks. That became an inspiration for the tourism of Sainte-Mère-glise. Their tourist attractions have revolved on its contribution to the World War II. You will find a lot of Sainte-Mère-glise museums like the Airborne Museum, gift shops, as well as restaurants that have World War II themes. On another note, theres the famous Church of Sainte-Mère-Eglise where you will find the Parachute Memorial which is a tribute to paratrooper John Steele whose parachute got stuck in the towns church. So if you want a tour back to what happened before, even for a weekend, Sainte-Mère-glise has a lot to offer. Check their Town Hall at La Mairie for a list of all possible destinations.There are lots of hotels in Sainte-Mère-glise so you wont have any problems finding a place to stay. Whats more is that helps you find Sainte-Mère-glise hotels ranging from luxurious ones to the discount hotels Sainte-Mère-glise offers. At the same time, youll find cheap Sainte-Mère-glise hotels near the popular destinations.