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        Everywhere you turn in France, you will find a city or a town that has got something to do with the liquor industry. One of these is Epernay, where you can find the De Castellane. One of the three big Champagne producers in the town, the De Castellane is known for having the proud tradition of producing only the finest bubbly. This is the reason why its cellars are one of the main attractions in Epernay.Bearing the name of one of the oldest names in France, the Champagne De Castellane was established in the town in the year 1895. Housed in an impressive building that is listed as among the historic structures in the town, the cellars of the De Castellane can be found in the caves that cover an expanse of 9 km. As among the attractions of Epernay, the champagne cellars of the De Castellane is not only point of interest if you will visit the structure that house them. This, as the building also has a 66-m tower with 237 steps, which offers a panoramic view of the town as well as of the Marne valley vineyards.

        Address: 57 Rue de Verdun, 51200 pernay, France

        Phone: +33 3 26 51 19 19