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Mayenne may not be the first stop of the itinerary of the typical tourist visiting France, but thats their loss to be frank. The tourist willing to stay a night in a budget hotel in Chateau Gontier, France will find themselves in the midst of eternally fascinating sights that capture the mystique and grandeur of the French spirit in a way that the more popular attractions just cant quite muster. A stroll through Old Town, or a climb to the slopes of Mont St. Michel should be enough to convince even the most skeptical soul.While magnificent natural beauty may be on full display throughout Mayenne, thats not the only draw for the savvy tourist. While youre staying in a discount hotel in Chateau Gontier, France, youll also have the opportunity to visit extraordinary historical monuments like the famous Le Mans cathedral, or the Abbaye de lEpau. This is one city that truly offers a diverse and well-rounded experience that conveys the true character of the French people and their storied past.