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Mézangers is located in the western portion of France. Every weekend, Mézangers accommodates visitors from all over the region because of their lake, the tang du Gué-de-selle. Many water activities can be done in this lake and though the town has less than a thousand in population, visitors will have enough hands to help them in any of the water activities they are interested in. Château du Rocher is a 15th century castle located at the heart of the village. Its Renaissance façade has drawn the curiosity of many visitors. Theres also the 14th century Roman Church thats also worth visiting.There are hotels in Mézangers that can give you accommodation when you want to stay here for the weekend. Mézangers hotels can be found near the lake where many water activities are offered. Some of the Mézangers cheap hotels offer a great view of the lake and if you book them in, you can have the rates as discount hotels. Mézangers is a small community that offers a pristine weekend through their beautiful lake.