Hotels in Saint-Brice

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Saint-Brice Details

Saint Brice is situated in the region of Mayenne, in the north west of France. This is the home of the scenic Loire Valley with all its castles and vineyards. This is in the centre of the Loire Valley and makes it the ideal base to explore this famous area which has been nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The inhabitants of the village are called Briceens and there are good transport links with this rest of France. With regards to hotel accommodation, why not allow to find you a budget hotel, or discount hotelThe Province of Mayenne is referred to as the garden of France and as you explore you will understand why. The Loire Valley is an enchanted land of vineyards, flowers and rolling green hills dotted with more than a thousand chateaux. You will not be able to see them all so it is important that you decide which ones to visit and one of the best ways is on a river cruise. Your hotel will be able to help you to organise such excursions. Obviously the language is French but most people are bi-lingual with English commonly spoken. You will tend to find that hotels are of a good standard in this area.