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Saulges is a tiny little village that has a population of only a little over 328 people. It is located in the Mayenne region of France. If you are planning a visit to Saulges, and have an interest in all things prehistoric, consider yourself lucky. You will be stepping into a location that has 20 different prehistoric caves, and an entire prehistoric canyon that is an amazing 1.8 million years old. You will thoroughly enjoy these prehistoric treks even if you do not have a special interest in such things, as they are fascinating.Other attractions in Saulges include the Church of Notre Dame, the Church of Saint Peter, which is a Merovingian church, and the historic lantern tower. Restaurants in Saulges take pride in the food they serve, which includes fresh produce that is grown and harvested right in this area. Hotels in Saulges and the surrounding area have their own charm, and are comfortable and calm accommodations for your trip. Will you be looking for a budget Saulges hotel If so, then take a look at the listings on Hotels in Saulges and the surrounding area will be described in detail, enabling you to make a decision and book a room, all on one website.