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Houdemont is a commune in the northeastern end of France near the border of Germany. The town was founded by the abbots in 1150 and used to strive on a mill for flours and then converted to make oils called the Moulin de L'écluse in the 14th century. Traces of this commune can be found in their Church, reconstructed in 1855. In this church you will find various sculptures from the 16th century. The church itself was built in a 12th century structure and its windows are still preserved until today. Château de la Ronchère is also worth visiting. Destroyed by fire in 1854, it was reconstructed to be part of the hospital. Today its still preserved for tourists to visit. Most of the travel packages in with Houdemont hotels are best booked on a weekend. Houdemont travel packages include guided tours in some of the discount hotels. Houdemont will take you back in time with century old structures that can be seen from some of the hotels in Houdemont. With a great view and affordable accommodation in some of the Houdemont cheap hotels, you can never go wrong if you stay here for a holiday.